Do Not Get Tricked Into Bribing Your Child

Do Not Get Tricked Into Bribing Your Child

At this stage, your child's mind can get easily influenced by so many things and what you inculcate in it now, kind of shapes up to become that way for the future to come. Bribing your child is probably one of the easiest ways of making a job done. But, not to forget it it is perhaps also a very wrong way of doing it.

Your child has to do something, and that thought must be seeped in his mind without rolling out any bribes. You can always praise your child and give him a gift for the achievement. But, for day to day things, never make it a habit to tell him that he will be given something in return to the work done. A child who has been raised with such a thought process is bound to make everything in life conditional, which will do no good to him in the future.

Thus, bribing your child for anything whatsoever, must be stopped. Refrain from resorting to anything conditional with your child at this age. Unconditional approach towards any work also enhances a sense of responsibility in the child, which is how you should go about it.