Do Not Give In To Demands Of Junk Food

Do Not Give In To Demands Of Junk Food
Health & Nutrition

Its very difficult to totally eliminate junk food from your child’s diet currently. The ideal way is to include more and more of healthy variety foods in your child’s diet, and limit junk food(one item) to one time a week or for occasions like birthday parties, special days (when he scores good marks in school), etc.

Model right eating habits yourself and eat healthy foods/meal together as a family. Have family food rules in place. In case your child insists on having junk food other than the set day of the week, don’t give in. Be firm and consistent. You can say, “No junk food other than Saturday. We don’t break rules.”

Read books to your child which talk about good eating habits, why eating the right food is important, what does more junk food do to the body?

Don’t give junk food as a reward or a bribe. This gives him the message that it's okay to eat unhealthy foods.

Buy and keep the right foods in your kitchen. Stock cut carrots/ cucumbers in air tight containers in the fridge before itself. When he feels hungry give him these healthy snacks rather than your child grabbing a biscuit or chips packet.