Do Not Keep Pressurizing Your Kid To Win

Do Not Keep Pressurizing Your Kid To Win

Nowadays there is a constant pressure on the kids to get good grades or win at a sport. This can do more harm than good.

1. Resist the temptation to push your kid towards winning all the time. Rather, notice your child's good points and skills, not just what he cannot do well. Give your child lots of encouragement in other parts of life to do things for himself and to feel good about what he can do.

2. Research show that paradoxically, children who are constantly pressured to win or excel, actually have lower grades, are more likely to have learning problems, and exhibit more disruptive behaviours at school. When parents put more emphasis on winning or achieving a goal rather than their participation, learning, passion and decency during the formative years, they are sowing the seeds of stress and poorer well-being too early in the little one's life.

3. The violent and aggressive outbursts at games show the extreme behaviour of kids in the game field. However, away from the sports field’s parents could be causing even more damage to their children's enjoyment of the game by playing armchair coach and criticising them in the car-ride home.

4. If your child shows a strength in a sport, then focus on nurturing his skills, alongwith providing him with lots of other opportunities, which will help him to be a more well rounded child. What you really have to avoid is to pressure your kid that his whole self worth is based on that sport.