Do Not Punish Your Kid For Disobedience

Do Not Punish Your Kid For Disobedience

It is natural for kids to disobey and make their parents go crazy. Kids disobey very often, because they are in a mini-adolescent stage. Dealing with a disobedient child is the parenting job we dread the most. If your child is consistently disobedient, it might be because of feelings of insecurity or powerlessness. Whatever be the reason of disobedience, the behaviour needs to be corrected. However, it is not necessary that you threaten him or punish him in order to get him corrected.

Here are few tips for dealing with a disobedient child.

1. Punishments for breaking rules or disobeying can lead to a child retaliating or withdrawing. Guide instead of punishing him. Guidance will offer him a chance to understand himself and others.

2. Do not punish or scold the child but make sure that your unhappiness is communicated to them through your words and reactions. Do not use abusive or harsh words to communicate your unhappiness.

3. Keep your cool. Your temper can incite his temper, causing further defiance and disobedience. Speak to your child and let him explain why he is doing so. Give him a chance to correct his mistake.

4. Take away the privilege from your child if he consistently disobey you. But don’t make empty threats.

5. Let the natural consequence teach your child the effect of disobeying you consistently. Learning from personal experience is an effective method of teaching rather punishment for disobedient children.

6. Lastly, be a role model for your child. Set a good example of following rules and obeying others in order to teach the same to your child.