Do Not Push Your Child Or Take Drastic Steps

Do Not Push Your Child Or Take Drastic Steps

Your child may be evolving rapidly, but drastic changes won't help his development as yet so you need to be a little patient. As a parent, you may think that the best way to overcome your kid’s shyness is to push him into different situations. However, the solution is not to take drastic measures, but to encourage him gently. 

Do not force your kid to open up at social gatherings or leave him alone at camps or extracurricular classes if he is not comfortable alone. This will only make him retreat further into his shell. Give him as much time as he needs to adjust to any new situation.

If your child is crying or clinging to you when you introduce him to a new situation, never scold or shame him or laugh at him. This will only undermine his confidence and self-esteem and make matters worse. Take him out of the situation, and when he is calm, talk gently to him about why he was uncomfortable and how you can both resolve the issue together.