Do Not Raise Your Hand At Your Child

Do Not Raise Your Hand At Your Child

We understand that parenting is a tough job, and there are times when you may lose your cool at your kid. However, no matter how trying the situation is, you must remember that it is never right to raise your hand at your child, or shout at him.

Hitting or shouting at your child sends him the message that it is acceptable to do so in order to resolve any problem. Consequently, you may find your kid hitting out at family members or classmates or even teachers, in order to get his own way. It is critical to make him understand that physical violence is never the answer.

If you are trying to teach your child not to fight or use abusive words, then you need follow the same. If you hurl derogatory terms at your family members or spank your child when he makes a mistake, do not expect him to follow your teachings. He is closely monitoring you. Your actions speak louder than your words.