Do Not Rebuke Your Child If He Spills Food

Do Not Rebuke Your Child If He Spills Food

Your child at this point is juggling between a lot, one of which is learning new things. Learning process involves trial and error. When a child is trying something for the first time, he is bound to make errors. Do not rebuke or scold your child. Appreciate the effort he has taken. Tell him about how to correct the mistakes and why is it important to do so. 

To err is human, as they say. Your child is just beginning his journey into this world as a little grown up individual. There are a lot of new things that he will be learning. Naturally, there will also be mistakes. It is your job to teach your child the correct way of doing anything and telling them when they do something incorrectly. But you must do so with utmost care and compassion.

Do not instantly rebuke the little one or react harshly if they are unable to get it right the first few times. Some kids grasp things quicker than others, this does not mean that those who take time are in any way lesser than the former ones or deserve your rebuke for their late blooming. Allow them their time to get it right and keep giving them words of encouragement and appreciation so that they improve sooner and with a positive outlook.