Do Not Restrict Your Child From Enjoying Fantasy

Do Not Restrict Your Child From Enjoying Fantasy

At this stage, when your child fantasizes play, he is exploring his world at his own pace. He is being more imaginative and creative, which helps him to organize his friends for pretend play. You will also see him developing a sense of what is real and what is fantasy.

Your cutiepie will invent small games having simple rules. For instance, he will use a park bench as bus. Roles will be assigned. He is the driver while his friend the passenger. Taking turns will be part of the game. You may hear him singing rhymes as he plays.

At home, he will work with a variety of props each taking a different role. From boxes, shoes, cooking pans, blocks to stuffed toys, all will be used in fun and imaginative ways. It’s a joy to watch and hear your child engaging in self dialogue.

He will enjoy telling stories, pretending to be characters from his favourite book. This promotes language learning and freedom of self expression.

Encourage your child to work on his imagination by reading books to him and keeping different props handy. Let open-ended materials be part of his play stuff. For instance, he may convert a cardboard box into a home or a spaceship.

Never restrict your child from fantasy play, otherwise he will be deprived of his rich imaginations, which is one of his greatest learning tool.