Do Not Scold Or Lecture Your Kids In Front Of Their Peers

Do Not Scold Or Lecture Your Kids In Front Of Their Peers

Your child’s self- esteem is growing. He craves to be accepted by his friends in a group. In his day to day social interactions with his peers, he will engage in cooperative play, use his skills and talents to earn that acceptance. However, if you shout at him for his behaviour in front of his peers, it can badly damage his self- esteem and he will feel humiliated.

In such delicate situations, don’t react instantly. Try to figure out what has happened. If it needs immediate attention, take him out separately and discuss his behaviour. Keep it precise and don’t get into lecture mode. Most importantly, keep your calm and convey the message firmly. Avoid yelling at him. If it can wait, let him know quietly that you will discuss the matter once he is back home.

If your child is at fault, correct him. When your child has opened up about how his friends treated him and was the cause of his misbehaviour, keep those comments to yourself. You need not parent any other’s child. On the contrary, teach your child how to deal with such situations and how to make right choices. This will be a work in progress phase for your child.