Do Not Try To Perfect Something That Your kid Has Attempted

Do Not Try To Perfect Something That Your kid Has Attempted
2y to 3y

At this stage, your child will be very curious about everything around her. She will want to try many different activities and attempt on picking up a few new skills. As she does that, she may decide to stick with a few and she may disregard the others. Here are a few dos and don’ts.

1. Encourage your child to perform an activity, whether new or old. She may choose to do it or not, depending on her mood. She may like it or she may not. Let her choose if she wants to do it at that particular time.

2. If your child does not feel like doing something, do not force it up on her. This can really take a toll on her and performance will not be anywhere close to your expectation because the bottom line is, she does not want to do it.

3. If she picks up a new skill or an interest and if she shows over and over that she wants to take it further, help her grow by taking her in the right direction. Enroll her into a class if she wants to. This will really help her polish her skills.

4. She may try a lot of activities as she begins to explore. Do not shy away from putting a stop to it if you think something is not right or inappropriate. You are the parent and you know what is best for her.

5. Support her by providing her with lots of encouragement and love. This will positively influence her to try harder, without creating pressure.