Do Not Yell At Your Child

Do Not Yell At Your Child

Your child, like all children, may be a little mischievous at time, and it is natural that you get so exasperated that you are tempted to raise your voice at her. However, it is vital to keep in mind that shouting can have a very negative impact on your kid’s behaviour and temperament.

Yelling, screaming, spanking and ridiculing must be avoided at all costs when dealing with your young one. You need to be constantly aware that you are dealing with a child. She determines her behavior on the basis of your reaction. If you get angry, she might be scared to approach you.

If your kid is being naughty, do not raise your voice or get angry. Be firm with her. Let it be known to her that you disapprove of her behaviour, but don’t frighten her. Give her a timeout, and once she is calm, discuss what she did with her and make her understand why it was wrong.