Doing Away With Nail Biting- How?

Doing Away With Nail Biting- How?

1. If you have an idea about the cause that’s making your child anxious, make a special effort to help him talk about his worries. Comfort him by saying," All will be fine. Give some time and find ways to overcome it.

2. If the cause is unknown, talk to him and find out the underlying cause of his anxiety. He may say, he gets nervous whenever there is a test at school. Discuss with him that by being nervous and biting his nail, he cannot address any problem.

3. Tell him what nervous habits are and how to break them. Get him involved in the plan to quit. It may happen that he is not consciously doing it. Make him aware of the habit and agree on a secret reminder for times when he forgets say a code word like "Nail". With repeated reminders, setting limits like, " No more nail biting", giving your child plenty of affection, lot of patience and persistence, you will be successful in breaking his nail biting habit.