During Parents-Teachers Meet, Do Ask About Non-Academic Issues

During Parents-Teachers Meet, Do Ask About Non-Academic Issues
4y to 5y

At this stage, your child must indulge in non-academic ventures too other than academic ones and you must not forget to take feedback of the same during parents-teachers meet at school.

Apart from academics, inquire about the general behaviour of your kid from the teacher. Find out how your child is around other children and adults. Ask about the involvement level of her in class. On reaching home discuss everything with your child and frame an action plan to work on the weak areas.

Go with a positive attitude in the PTM and especially when you are talking about your child to the teacher. In front of the child, do not start with anything negative. ‘I know my child is naughty, hope she is adjusting well in the class.’ or ‘ I know she isn’t good in Maths, how is she faring?’ Well, such a preconditioned statement can be hugely detrimental to the confidence of the child and that's why you should avoid it. No matter how naughty your child is, in front of others her self respect must be preserved. Rather than that keep it simple ‘How is my child doing?’ This is important because as a parent you are not demeaning your child in any case. How you talk and what you talk about your child in front of others is extremely important, especially during PTMs.