Effective Hacks For Correcting Behaviour

Effective Hacks For Correcting Behaviour

1. Regular communication and setting clear expectations should always be the priority now, and in the years to come.

2. Provide the sense of security that she will be heard, not ridiculed, always loved and understood while talking out her problems.

3. Be firm if she has misbehaved. Give her quiet time of reflection where without toys or any other distraction she makes an effort to realize how inappropriate her behavior was.

4. As a parent, set an example first. Its very important to talk to her in a loving and respectful way. A loving positive tone is important. Her self esteem is unstable as she navigates peer pressure and tests her own limits, trying new things. Outside influences and higher need for independence will make disciplining a challenging task. By being calm, setting limits, structured routines and consistency, positive changes in behavior can be inculcated.