Effective Way Of Helping Your Child Learn Clear Pronunciation

Effective Way Of Helping Your Child Learn Clear Pronunciation
  • Your child is now ready to adapt to some new techniques to drink and eat and this will benefit him for improving pronunciations. A good way to help your child with speech formation is to skip the sippy cup and teach your child to drink using a straw.
  • Straws help encourage children to purse their lips together and use the muscles needed for swallowing. This in turn helps with oral expression. 
  • Often a trouble in proper speech formation is a result of inactive or unused facial muscles which are associated with forming words. By making your child use a straw you will encourage them to use their lip muscles more vigilantly.
  • The more your child uses their lip muscles the easier it will be for them to pronounce slightly complicated words as most of the general words require pursing of lips. Another exercise that you may do with your child is to make him work on his facial muscles by making him pronounce sounds or syllables that use maximum facial muscles. Such as vowels.
  • This will train them in using their facial muscles to pronounce new words correctly. Swallowing exercise is also effective to achieve this end. The more your child moves his facial expressions the easier it will be for him to pick up new words.