Encourage Feelings of Empathy In Your Kid

Encourage Feelings of Empathy In Your Kid

Empathy means being aware of the feelings and emotions of other people. It is a very important element of Emotional Intelligence, that will help your child be a responsible adult in later life. Empathy is understanding from other people’s perspectives and feelings. Teaching compassion is every parent’s prime responsibility since children learn behavior from their parents.

1. You can help your child build their empathy feelings through reading books and role playing. Tell them understand and enact the character. How the character thinks, believes and wants or feels? Understand how he felt doing it - pain, sorrow hurt, happy, angry. Listen intently. Connect to real life situations too.

2. Avoid too much online activity for your kid, instead try to have more people conversations-greet elderly people, kids in park. Take him along when you meet a sick relative or neighbor. Teach him to care, to be kind, compassionate.

3. While playing, let your child understand that he cannot always have his say and he needs to let go, he needs to share his favorite toy with his friends. Praise your child when he shows good behavior.

4. Keep using words like please, thank you, sorry, regularly in the house, so your child can understand and pick up these magic words. If he hits his friend or sibling, teach him to say sorry and explain to him how his action hurt the other person.

5. Watch inspiring movies with your kid together and share how your child feels about it. Let your child speak.

Developing your child’s caring spirit will help him to bond well and be a good leader later in life.