Encourage Story-Building To Develop Creativity

Encourage Story-Building To Develop Creativity

Your child's mind at this stage is more open to imagination and creativity. Harnessing imagination in your child is one of the most important aspects of growing with a sharp and focus mind. The more he is able to imagine things and bring that into his daily life, the more he will end up being a thoughtful child, which will not only be an amazing thing for his present but also for his future.

One of the best ways of enhancing imaginative skills in your little one is to read stories and build new ideas around it. Such as, change in the characters, the plot, the ending or a sequence for that matter. Allow your child to imagine whatever he feels like, so that he is free to use his mind at length.

This will enable him to think more and as a result, create more. Introduce more and more reading material for your child so that he has ample of things to get inspired from. However, refrain from ridiculing him if he comes up with anything bizarre. Understand that it is also a part of his imagination and he's only too little to come up with something that is concrete for adults like us.