Encourage Your Child To Chat With You

Encourage Your Child To Chat With You

Everyone likes a child who talks politely. You can help your child speak confidently by spending time and chatting with him.

1. You must talk to your child, the more you talk, the faster your child will pick up the language and vocabulary and this will increase the connect between you and your child.

2. Read books to your child slowly, describing the words, pronouncing the words clearly, ask him to repeat the word after you. Allow him to tell you the story and help him with prompts if he misses something.

3. During meal times, serve him bite size portions, let your child ask for more by pointing. Teach your child to tell “more” in your language and then serve the food to him.

4. Try to keep your child’s favorite toy out of his reach and let him come and ask you for it. Teach your child to ask, say please, thank you, and speak to you along with actions. A well mannered child is loved by all.

5. Let him play with other kids, the more your child mingles with other kids, he will be learning and picking up new words of conversation. Practice is the key to improve your child's speaking skills, so make him chat with you in free time.

Always appreciate, encourage, and reward your child whenever he tries to speak or learns new words.