Encourage Your Child To Pursue Several Interests

Encourage Your Child To Pursue Several Interests

Your kid needs to build up confidence right from a young age, to be able to cope in the competitive world of today. Apart from academics, kids nowadays go in for several kinds of extracurricular activities. This can have a beneficial effect on your kid.

Your kid will most likely have a tendency to compare herself to others when she gets good at something. Though it builds her confidence, it may also have an adverse effect. She might be under pressure in order to be better than others. This may be avoided if you encourage her to pursue several alternate interests.

Do not randomly enrol your child in various activities. Instead, first have a talk with her about what kind of pursuits she personally enjoys. It is also a good idea to take your kid’s basic nature into consideration while deciding classes for her. For example, an outgoing child would enjoy a group game like basketball, whereas a quieter child would enjoy drawing classes.