Encourage Your Kid To Come Up With Answers Themselves

Encourage Your Kid To Come Up With Answers Themselves

At this point, when your child asks you a question, instead of giving them the answer right away in yes or no, or being objective, you should rather ask them “What do YOU think?” 

This helps in stimulating their imaginative power and logical thinking. Applaud any answer your child comes up with and discuss it with them. Learning should be an engaging and a constructive process. Learning by rote must be avoided at all costs. Help your child build a constructive mind.

Develop imaginative and logical faculty in her by encouraging her to find answers by herself before you come to her rescue. Instead of teaching her about a certain event in the history you can ask her instead what she would have done had she been in that place at that particular time. This will make your child think on a different line of thoughts than the ones where they are fed answers readily. The more she uses her brain to figure out an answer, the smarter she will be as she grows up.

These exercises will help build her decision making capabilities and other important aspects of her intelligence such as, logical reasoning and creative faculties. If you find their answers good make sure to applaud them. Applaud them for efforts as well even if the answer is not as satisfactory.