Encourage Your Kid To hold Conversations With People

Encourage Your Kid To hold Conversations With People

Encourage your 2 to 3 year old child in his attempts to understand language and comprehending accordingly. By this age, your child has 50-60 words in his vocabulary, which keeps on increasing with the time. This is the time when you need to encourage him to talk more and more with you and other people.

Here are few tips to encourage language skills in your child:

1. Ask open-ended questions to your child so that he can answer them beyond “yes” or “no”. This helps him develop his own ideas and learn to express them.

2. Don't continue baby talks now. Don't show him those TV shows often, which have baby language or manipulated voice. Talk to him in clear language.

3. Read stories to your child. Ask him to tell you his favourite story. Always thread his words to make a complete sentence. And then ask him to repeat the sentence.

4. Take him to different places and encourage him to talk to different people of different age groups.

5. Talk to him often at different situations. Often his words or sentences don’t make sense to you, but you need to continue talking and correcting his vocabulary and pronunciation. The more you communicate correctly with him, the more clear and successful he will be in getting his message across.

6. Encourage pretend play, role play, and talking to soft toys. Acting out stories and role-playing create rich opportunities for using and learning language for your child.