Encourage Your Kid To Think And Ask Questions

Encourage Your Kid To Think And Ask Questions

Kids are very inquisitive and curious by nature, your little one is no different at this stage. Asking questions by kids projects their intelligence level. It can be challenging at times to keep up with the kids’ questions. As parents create an environment that kids feel safe to ask questions about home, school, play things, people, events, festivals and so on.

1. Encourage and appreciate curiosity: When your kid experiences things at home for the first time, he might have many questions to ask and clarify. Encourage him to ask “why” questions to quench his thirst. Appreciate the question asked, pat gently at his back and answer him.

2. Learn by mistakes: Let your child make mistakes and take his own decisions because only then he would understand the difference between good and bad in a better way.

3. Question session: Sit with the kid to enhance his ability to think. Question him about various topics and have lively discussions while watching TV, playing, meal time, driving a car and before bedtime.

4. Valve your kid’s questions: Sometimes you may be in an annoyed state and frustrated. But show him that you value and respect his question and try answering it or say that you are not well and will answer him when you are doing well. This will increase the feeling to respect you.

5. Permit time for your kid to think of questions: Sometimes your kid may struggle to come up with the questions. Allow him time to think and come up with his ideas and you can help to frame the question for him.