Encouragement Is The Key Word While Dealing With Your Child

Encouragement Is The Key Word While Dealing With Your Child

Positive reinforcement and encouragement goes a long way in helping your child to learn and pick up new concepts in whatever she might want to learn, in comparison to a regimented and strict learning schedule. Accommodating for the child's various moods and behavior is both necessary and helpful so that your child looks forward to learning new activities and things with eagerness rather than despise it. Here are some ways in which you can do the same:

1. Introduce your child to a new activity with a friendly and welcoming tone of voice. Your child is very receptive to your tone of voice and facial expressions and they go a long way in telling your little one how much he is going to enjoy the activity that he is going to learn. Sometimes it is hard to elicit an interest in the said activity on your end and it is completely understandable if this is the case, but try to maintain a friendly outlook while telling your child about the activity as it may turn out that he may like it!

2. Encourage your child when he is learning the activity for the first time. They might not pick it up as soon as you anticipate them to do so. Do not be disappointed! It is complete okay for your child to take his own time in learning a new activity as they must figure out how to do it in the way that they understand best. Being supportive and encouraging while the child is doing so goes a long way in making learning new things fun for your little one.

3. Heap praises and appreciation on your child when they successfully learn to do a new activity. Clap and smile at your child and show him how much you are happy. Give him a hug and sing his praises in front of his relatives. Attention is something that your little one will enjoy more than any toy that you can get him and giving him plenty of it will make him want to learn and do more.

4. Even if your child has spells of unsuccessful attempts, make sure that you warmly reassure your child to keep trying and encourage him to do so. Remember that your child is unique in his own way and will need his own time to learn things.