Enhance Your Child's Listening Skills By Providing An Autonomy

Enhance Your Child's Listening Skills By Providing An Autonomy
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Helping your child augment her listening skills can be furthered by providing her with a level of autonomy can help boost her overall abilities. Letting your child do what she pleases to do and at the same time helping her sharpen her skills is a win-win situation and here are some ways that you can do the same:

1. Story telling is a great way to let your child enjoy herself reciting her favorite stories and talk about her favorite characters. Asking your child to repeat the story as you tell her a story, acting out the different scenarios is a fun and engaging way to sharpen her listening skills.

2. Including musical toys in your child's play time is also a great way to help augment her listening abilities. Toys, such as rattles help augment her listening abilities, forming an association between action and sound.

3. Pop-up books are a fun way to help better your child's listening skills. These books have sounds and music that plays along as they read the story book, helping your child not only in sound-action association but also engages her in a fun and playful way, wanting her to explore this activity more.

4. These activities not only help sharpen your child's listening skills, they have the additional benefit of improving your child's vocabulary and enunciation of words. Thus, letting your child enjoy her favourite activites can also help in sharpening her listening abilities and language skills, making for a smart and happy little one.