Enhancing Your Child's Imagination And Creativity

Enhancing Your Child's Imagination And Creativity

Good imagination is essential for developing your child’s problem solving and thinking skills, making him more alert. Creativity helps at later stages in life to cope with life's struggles and hardships. Enhancing your child’s creative skills will make your kid have a healthier, happier and positive life.

1. Everyday have a storytelling session for your kid. Always make it more creative as you tell him a story. It will enhance his imaginative development.

2. Allow your child to paint or draw, mold or sculpt using clay, play dough. Let him build various structures with blocks. Do not stop him, let him use his tactile skills and try new things. Give him things like sponge, strings or yarn, cut vegetables let him dip in paint and create wonders.

3. Give him a blank canvas or sheet and let him paint whatever he likes and then explain his art to you.

4. Take him out to museums, science centre.

5. Read various kinds of books with pictures. Role-play different characters in the book.

6. At outdoors, let your child enjoy in sand. Let him collect leaves, flowers, allow him to enjoy nature.

7. Ask questions, let him come up with ideas for weekend to try something new and different.

8. Let him try to do jigsaw puzzles on his own.

9. Do not overload him with media like TV, movies or video games, computers, there is plenty to do later in life.

10. Give freedom to your child to do small activities at home on his own , do not direct or explain how to do it.