Enjoy Activities Along With Your Kid, But Maintain Safety

Enjoy Activities Along With Your Kid, But Maintain Safety
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At this stage, your child will be particularly fond of playtime because it is quite engaging for her. She will begin to explore all sorts of activities that can be really fun, but can cause damage too. Safety is really important and you need to make sure that your child is in no trouble at all times.

1. Make sure you do not keep anything harmful like sharp objects that can cause damage, small objects she can pick up and swallow or hot objects that can cause burns. Make sure all of these are out of her reach.

2. Keep a first aid kid handy with all the required immediate necessities in case of any problem. Make a list of everything you might need and ensure they do not cause any allergic reaction to your child.

3. During play, especially the games that involve movement and speed, let your child know that she needs to be careful enough not to fall and hurt herself. You may get a nod in return but you need to keep a watch while she is playing so she does not hurt herself.

4. Games that involve hopping and jumping are also potentially dangerous. Even though she is quite active, her muscle coordination may not be at its best. Remind her as many times as you can that she needs to slow down so she won’t hurt herself.

5. Tell her about safety and the importance of it. Lay out some basic rules like no running in the house, no touching the iron box, etc.