Ensure That You Are Constantly Reflecting Positivity To Your Kid

Ensure That You Are Constantly Reflecting Positivity To Your Kid
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Getting positive responses is what your child desires from you. When you respond to your child with warmth and interest, it helps him feel secure and valued. Positive responses from your side helps him to get motivated and understand that you have recognised him and his efforts.

Here's how you can imbibe positivity in your child effectively:

1. Always smile and make an eye contact with your child with the morning greetings. Remember to take a moment for a special morning hug.

2. Leave your work, pay attention and listen carefully when your child wants to talk to you about his day in school or anything else. Not only listen to what he says, but also keep the conversation going with follow-up questions and your responses.

3. Pay attention to his opinions and desires. Take his ideas or opinions for a birthday party or any function. It will ensure him that he is an equally important part of the family.

4. Reflect positive images to your child and give him the idea that he is fun to be with.

5. Constantly reassure and support your child, he will surely feel safe and secure. Your child’s self-image builds up over time with positive and loving messages from you.

6. Show your interest in your child’s deeds. Ask him if he requires any help.

7. Don’t make a habit of saying “No” every time to your child. Give him positive response when he is demanding sometimes or at least give him a proper answer why his demand cannot be fulfilled.