Ensure That Your Kid Is Familiar With Your Contact Details

Ensure That Your Kid Is Familiar With Your Contact Details

Being a parent the most essential thing is the safety of our children wherever they are. However, safety needs the effort of both parents and children.

As parents you have to make sure your kid is in a safe place. As children they need to communicate to you if they are in need of something. Here are some tips for ensuring safety of children:

1. Make your child learn the contact details of both his parents. Ask him to repeat them to you so that you are sure he knows them by heart. Initially it’s enough if he knows either of the number as it might be tough.

2. Place a card with your address and contact details in his bag for emergency purposes. Never let your child leave for school without his Identity card.

3. Maintain a schedule so that the child gets accustomed and won’t be confused.

4. Inform your child’s school in case you aren’t able to pickup the kid. Do not assume that he knows the number.

5. Along with your numbers you could give the grandparent’s number so that they can be contacted if you are not available.

6. Write your number in BOLD in sticky notes and stick on refrigerator so that your child can read easily

7. Build up their confidence so that they don’t panic when they are stuck in any situation. Explain them to be calm and contact you as soon as possible.

8. Write out important numbers in a small booklet and leave a book in your kiddo's bag. This will come in handy in case he misses his identity card.