Ensure That Your Kid Is Not Cruel To The Pet

Ensure That Your Kid Is Not Cruel To The Pet

Your kid is eligible to handle some responsibilities on his own now. So you have given in to your child’s pleadings and got him a pet. But you need to also teach your little one how pets should be treated, as he will have no idea in this regard. He probably sees the pet as just a plaything to have fun with, and unwittingly he may sometimes be cruel to the pet. For example, your kid may pull the parrot’s tail, or try to ride the dog, etc. 

You need to remember that for your child, this behaviour is just a part of play, and he does not even realise that the animal is getting hurt. Stop him immediately, and explain gently but firmly that this is wrong. 

Let your kid take part of the responsibility of caring for the pet, like giving the parrot food, or pouring water for the dog to drink. This will enhance his feelings of care and compassion towards the animal, and reduce occurrences of cruel treatment towards it.