Ensure That Your Kids Understand What They Have To Do

Ensure That Your Kids Understand What They Have To Do
4y to 5y

At this age your child is learning a lot of things from the surrounding. And the best way to propel his learning is to do things yourself. You are the best teacher to your child in every possible sense. Your child looks up to you for various things. So, rather than being preachy, it is great to actually do it yourself so that the child learns it from seeing you.

Also, allow your child to have his way on certain things. At time going over board with instruction may not work well. Also, sometimes, it is important to understand that if your child is refusing to do a certain task, is there an underlying reason for that? Hear him out too as you say things. With this mutual way, your child will start falling into a routine and will do things that are expected out of him.

Make sure your kid is clear about what he is expected to do. Make him repeat your instructions back to you to make sure he has got it. To make your child follow instructions, be precise and consistent. If a coat needs to be hung up then it has to be hung up every time. Help him develop a habit of good routine stuff.