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Essential Oils - Be aware of side effects and make informed decisions.

Essential Oils - Be aware of side effects and make informed decisions.
2 to 3 years tip
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Increasing awareness about side effects of too much use of antibiotics and heavy medication has prompted many parents to embrace alternative medication like homeopathy, Ayurveda etc. Although it is relatively safer than allopathy especially for adults, it is important to consider it’s safety on kids and give age appropriate dosages only after consulting your doctor. Essential oils are also gaining popularity because they are very effective. My tip would be to do thorough research on side effects of essential oils before application. I was ignorantly applying an ayurvedic composition comprising peppermint oil and camphor on my toddler and was excited to note the immediate effect. His cold vanished almost overnight. It was only later that I read about the side effects of using peppermint oil on children below 6 years, which can even cause seizures. I am grateful that I learnt about it soon enough and not the hard way. Resolving to check ingredients in medications and be aware of potential side effects before administration, I urge you all to do the same.