Every Child Is Special; Do Not Compare Yours With Others

Every Child Is Special; Do Not Compare Yours With Others

How would you feel if you are repeatedly compared to other parents around you? ''His mom is better than you.'' ''His mom cooks better than you do.'' ''Her dad plays with him and you don’t.'' ''His dad is so funny and jovial and you are so annoying.''

Undoubtedly, as parents these are most certainly the lines that you would never want to hear from your child. Comparison hurts and especially if it is negative. So, just imagine how that little soul feels when you start comparing him to other kids every now and then!

“He is better in games than you.” “His marks were more and see how less you got,” so on and so forth. In many ways by doing so you are damaging your child irreparably. Your child feels immensely hurt when he is compared for no fault of his. Understand the fact that every child is unique and the way he grows up is also his own way. If you keep comparing your child always, he will end up losing his shine and self confidence and then you will be repenting all your life. Your child be end up being psychologically disturbed too. So, encourage him to do better. But never compare him to someone else, because he is unique in his own way and you must make that the most fascinating aspect of his life. And with his own caliber he will find is way in this world.