Exercising with Balls To Boost Your Child's Fitness

Exercising with Balls To Boost Your Child's Fitness
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1. Exercising with a ball can influence your child's physical activities to a great extent. Playing with ball will teach your child important sports skills, such as, throwing, catching, dribbling, kicking and aiming for a target. Ball play also help your children to keep to a healthy weight and a good level of fitness and are great for making muscles and bones stronger. By age 3, toddlers can balance briefly on one foot, kick a ball forward, throw a ball overhand and catch a ball with stiff arms.

2. Physical activities and ball play boosts the immune system and children are less likely to get sick as their defense against disease gets stronger. Make sure your child runs every evening to strengthen his limbs. This is a healthy practice for young children. Eventually his limbs will grow strong and he can take up active sports later.

3. Ball play leads to the development of muscles that help your child through many milestones. Children become more confident in reaching for and grasping objects, walking, skipping, jumping, running, and more as these skills become more refined with age and practice.