Explain The Danger Of Strangers To Your Kid

Explain The Danger Of Strangers To Your Kid

Staying alert and being safe is one of the most important lessons every parent has to teach their children. Teach your kid about the potential dangers from strangers. This is extremely important for every kid to learn. Explain that every person he meets may not be good or friendly even if they pretend to be, and he should only trust a certain set of people. Specify to him who this set of people is.

1. Define what a stranger or unknown person is to your child. Any person your child doesn’t know is a stranger.

2. Teach your child who are part of a safe team- Mom, dad, grandparents, siblings.

3. Before taking your child out, tell him to stay close to you and not run around.

4. Tell your child not to take anything offered from a stranger, example, candy, toys, etc.

5. Familiarize your child with the difference between good and bad touch and how to call for help in case a stranger tries to touch him.

6. Role play with your child on what to do in case he is with a stranger.

7. Prepare your child before taking him to any crowded places, teach him safety rules.

8. Teach your child to be with a buddy or a friend when he plays outside.

9. Always have an open communication with your kid and make him comfortable, listen to all his talks attentively so your kid will disclose if anything untoward happens to him.

10. Always look for signs in case your child seems withdrawn or quiet, coax him to talk. A warm loving hug will make your child feel protected.