Explain The Meaning Of Privacy To Your Kid

Explain The Meaning Of Privacy To Your Kid

It is very important to teach your child about personal boundaries, be it at home, school, park, grandparents or friend’s house, at this point of time.

Tell your child when you are using the washroom, getting dressed, etc. you need to do in private. Not in front of everyone. Your child will need few reminders before he finally follows them.

Teach your child when to knock the door. If he finds a closed door, he should first knock. This rule is applicable everywhere.

Talk about the private spaces in the home. For instance, if your child has his own room, tell him he is incharge of his room from keeping it clean to having his quiet time in the room.

You can even have some visual cues as reminders. You can paste the written slips on the door. For instance, ''Please knock the door!'' Or ''Knock!Knock!'' or ''Occupied!''(in bold capital letters). If he is looking right at it, he won’t miss it. When privacy is followed at home, it is very likely he will do so at other places too.