Failures Are The Key To Success

Failures Are The Key To Success

Your child's mind is highly receptive to ideas at this stage. Help your little one handle failures as well, alongside success. If not, it can lead to anxiety and will ultimately affect his self-esteem.

Be there for your child when he suffers setbacks. Don’t yell at him or label him. On the contrary, empathize with him and make him understand that it's okay to fail at times. Impart a positive message, “I am happy you tried. You did your best. Next time, work hard and you will do better.”

You can also give an example when you failed and worked hard to achieve the goal. Work out a plan with your little one. For instance, if he did not win the drawing competition in school, guide him to do better. You can give him extra practice or get guidance from his art teacher.

Read stories that talk about children who failed but did not give up trying.