Fill Your Kid's Weekend With Physical Activities

Fill Your Kid's Weekend With Physical Activities

At this stage, your child needs a lot of stimulation to have a boost in his physical growth. On weekends, plan some outdoor activities, so that you can see how much control your child has over his body. Take him to the park for some vigorous play, or to an activity camp for some fun physical activity with other kids. Spend family time together by being with your child at the park on weekends. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. 

A young toddler is full of energy. If not used constructively this energy will definitely turn destructive. Before she resorts to destroying your expensive bone china or ruin your beautiful Persian rug, take her out in the play ground to allow her to unleash her energy in an open area with lesser things to destroy.

Plan an activity with her so that she has a sense of purpose while heading out. This way she will be distracted with the activity and think of ways to perform the activity thereby using her energies constructively. Be an active part of this activity so that she gets enough play and family time. This is emotionally fulfilling for a child and is seen in her behaviour in general. So take your weekends seriously.