First Language Acquisition

First Language Acquisition
Fine Motor
  • At this point of time, your child is fit to be well versed more and more with your first language, that is, your mother tongue. The mother tongue or the first language is easily learnt by a child. He hears it from everyone around him, and learns it by default. Communicate with your child only in your mother tongue. Once the child masters communicating in first language, you may start using other languages and explain its usage in first language. 
  • Kids are brilliant at picking up language. In their formative years they rely more on the tone of the words and language used rather than the meaning itself. How you pronounce a word and with what tone and expression helps them associate a particular meaning to a word. This is why you will notice that once they have developed the power of speech they will use all the words you introduce to them including the cuss words if they hear you use it, without understanding the meaning.
  • So be weary of what words you use in front of them and always explain its meaning. Discourage the little one from using wrong and bad words. Once your child has started to get a hold of the first language, the new language can be introduced with the help of the first language. Do not burden the little one with learning multiple languages at one go. Give her time to adapt to one at a time.