First Tooth Fall is Excitement And Worrisome

First Tooth Fall is Excitement And Worrisome
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The experience of your child’s first tooth fall is always something that is filled with excitement and apprehension, all at the same time! Here are some ways that you can help your child deal with the same.

1. Recognize early when your child’s tooth is beginning to fall out. There will be a noticeable difference in the tooth as it begins to be loosened out of its socket which will be apparent when you are helping your child brush his teeth, or when he complains that his tooth hurts when he is brushing them.

2. Reassure your child that this is completely normal. While is it obvious why he is scared and apprehensive about his tooth hurting so much, putting a friendly twist on it by the means of a story elaborating how teeth grow becomes a relatable narrative for your little one, reassuring them that all will be well.

3. The falling out of the tooth can happen at any time of the day. It is ideal that your child is in your presence when it happens. Do not encourage your child to keep fiddling with the subject tooth but as we all know this will not always be possible. Make sure that when the tooth does fall out, your child isn’t sleeping or eating, as there are dangers that the tooth might get stuck in the throat and cause significant discomfort, in addition to the panic that the sight of blood and the pain involved.

4. Once the ordeal is all over, reward your child for being a brave little one with some cold sweet treats like ice cream!