Follow A Daily Routine For Your Kid's Milk Intake

Follow A Daily Routine For Your Kid's Milk Intake
Health & Nutrition
  • In this growing phase, your child needs milk regularly to give him all the essential nutrients for a healthy growth. Make a habit of giving your child one glass of milk in the morning after his teeth-brushing. Then give one glass of milk in the evening after 5, or one glass of milk at his bed time. 
  • If you follow this everyday along with your child’s daily food, it will help your child’s growth and nutrition. Milk is a good source of calcium and other important minerals that a growing child requires to build up a strong stamina and a healthy immune system.
  • Create in your child a habit of drinking milk every day. A child of two or three requires a healthy dose of milk as his body is still building up its defence mechanism against external diseases. The bones are still delicate and thus calcium intake is required and as far as possible such nutrients must be taken through food and not medicines. Milk is the best source for all these nutrients.
  • Even if your child is not very keen on solid food a good amount of milk intake will ensure that he does not lack any important nutrients. Make sure that your child drinks milk at least two to three times a day, morning, evening and at night before going to bed.