Follow A Healthy Diet Including Milk And Vegetables

Follow A Healthy Diet Including Milk And Vegetables
Health & Nutrition

Your child is growing rapidly, and you must ensure that she consumes healthy and nutritious food. Make sure she drinks at least three cups of milk daily. Offer fruits and vegetables at every meal. For example, you can serve a colourful fruit salad, or raw veggie sticks with a healthy dip. 

Make a food chart for your child with pictures of all the healthy food she should have, and with all the junk food crossed out, so that she knows what to avoid. Let her help you stick the pictures and hang it in her room.

Involve your child when planning her meals to avoid food-related tantrums. For example, you can give her a few healthy options and ask her what she would like for her tiffin. She will be more motivated to eat it if she has chosen the food herself.

Your kid will emulate whatever you do. As a family, make sure you all follow a healthy diet to motivate your child.