Food Tips To Keep In Mind While Travelling

Food Tips To Keep In Mind While Travelling
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At this stage, while travelling with your child, carry foods that are simple and handy. For instance, fruits like banana, chikoo are easy and safe. Just ensure these fruits are little firm. Carry small packs of raisins, nuts in Ziploc bags. Khakhra(gujarati item), puffed rice with peanuts, little turmeric and salt, are excellent snack options to carry while travelling.

If you intend to carry cooked food, ensure it is water free. This way it will last longer. For instance, idlis, methi theplas, masala puris, You can pack them in Aluminium foil and keep them in either Ziploc bag or a tiffin box. As an accompaniment to these foods, you can also include small pouches of tomato sauce.

While having outside food, ensure its healthy and hygienic. Carry mineral water bottles. You can also research on the good eating joints of the place where you are going or ask your friends who have visited, before leaving for the trip. Carry plenty of paper towels, empty plastic bags, use and throw plates, spoons and glasses and sanitizer.