Get Your Child His Own Plate And Tools

Get Your Child His Own Plate And Tools
2y to 3y

Teaching your child basic habits makes him a responsible adult in later life. A child becomes responsible when he is given due importance. The earlier your start the better and easier it is for the child to learn. You can start off with small activities first and then move on as your child grows up. Consistency and patience is the key in making your child learn responsibility.

1. Get your child his own plate and other age-appropriate eating tools- Spoon, fork and bowls. Tell him he is responsible for its maintenance. Allow him to clean his plate. Let him help himself. In this way you are instilling good habits in him.

2. Allow him to help in the kitchen or setting up table. Make the house chore a team work so everyone is assigned a job. Your child will also learn and do his part with great pride.

3. Always praise your child on completing his job. Thank him as well if he does some activity proactively. Always show specific appreciation like “Thank you for helping me in arranging the table,” etc. It will motivate him to do more.

4. Never criticize his action. Instead, set up a routine so it is easy for him to follow and finish the tasks.

5. Have an organized home and ensure your child follows the same, like keeping reading books in order, toys in the bag after playtime, school stuff in its place.

6. Have a weekly session with your kid in organizing his cupboard. He will learn to look after his clothes and keep it in order.