Get Your Kid's Hearing Evaluated

Get Your Kid's Hearing Evaluated

A lot is happening with your child's speech and hearing development at this stage and hence, it is essential for you to keep a track of where this development is heading. If something is wrong, now is the best time to get it tested, since late diagnosis will only complicate the issue. 

During the development stages, it is important to evaluate your child’s efficiency at performing day to day tasks. If you find any problem with his ability to hear or respond to your words, consult a speech-language pathologist about any concerns you may have regarding your kid’s speech. Have your child’s hearing evaluated; even if you think your child is hearing just fine, it is important to make sure your child is hearing sounds at a variety of volumes and pitches. Such evaluation shall be helpful in determining any deficiency in your child at an early stage. Ask the physician to conduct proper hearing and speech tests that can determine the results with efficiency and certainty. It also helps in ruling the possibility that the child is simply ignoring instructions of the parents.