Getting The Act of 'Hair Wash' Right For Your Little One

Getting The Act of 'Hair Wash' Right For Your Little One

By this age, your child will probably be quite cranky when it comes to bathing, especially more if you get to washing his hair. Here are a few ways you can try to wash your child's hair with a little less difficulty.

1. The first and the foremost thing about washing your child's hair is picking the right shampoo. Make sure to buy a child appropriate shampoo that will not sting your child's eyes. If his eyes come in contact with shampoo, make sure to wash his eyes thoroughly with water.

2. Instead of pouring the shampoo right out of the bottle onto your child's scalp, take a small quantity of shampoo onto your palms and form lather. Apply the lather to wash his hair. This is a lot gentler and hassle free.

3. Try washing his hair at the beginning of the bath itself to finish off with the tough part. If your child enjoys splashing in his tub, let him do so, as this will help pacify him after the hair wash.

4. Do not make washing your child's hair an every day affair. It is really unnecessary that his hair needs a fequent wash. Do it once or twice a week so that your child does not develop an aversion towards it.

5. Make bathing a fun experience for your child. Introduce bath toys and accessories that your child may enjoy playing with while bathing. This will help in distracting him from the "horror" the bath is and it will make the task a lot easier for you as well.