Give Your Child A Feedback

Give Your Child A Feedback

In your parenting marathon to look after your child to the best of your abilities, it is often easy to forget that at this age, your kid is now old enough to discuss some of his own affairs with you. However, good communication with your child is one of the keys to his healthy development.

For example, after attending a PTM (parents-teachers meeting), you should definitely have a discussion with your child about it. Appraise your child regarding all the good remarks he received, and how the teacher appreciated his work. Also, talk to him before you go for the PTM and ask him if there are any issues he is facing which, he would like you to discuss with his teacher.

If there is any negative feedback, you need to present it in a positive way. For example, “Mam loves your imaginative writing – she would enjoy it even more if it was a little neater!” Also discuss any areas that require improvement and come up with a solution together.