Give your child the freedom to release his fears

Give your child the freedom to release his fears

At this stage, helping your child release his fears can be a difficult work. It's surprisingly hard to let children cry for long, and to listen to the depth of their fear and grief. But in this way they will learn to let go of their shyness and inhibitions and open up to you. 

Shyness is the most common disposition among toddlers. Especially those who are not very social. In fact one of the prime reasons for them not being social could very well be their shyness. To overcome shyness in your child and make him understand that it is okay to be fearful can be a tad bit difficult at times, but if left unattended, it could go on to become their basic nature.

Being shy basically entails keeping to one’s self, not sharing their thoughts with others. So in order to break their silence sit with them and make them talk. Ask them to share how they feel about things and make sure never to ridicule them no matter how hilarious their response. If they see you mocking their concerns they will further coil in defeating the purpose of sharing. Take your little one's words seriously and respond to them as you would to an adult. This will give them a sense of importance and they will voice their thoughts more frequently, eventually coming out of their shyness.