Give Your Kid A Comfort Item For Separation Anxiety

Give Your Kid A Comfort Item For Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is very common at this age, especially if your child has begun school. She is likely to feel extremely anxious as she goes to a new place without anyone familiar to her being around, especially you. She is likely to feel scared and worried and she might not know ways to deal with temporary goodbyes. Here is how you can help your child.

1. Let your child feel comfortable with the person who will be taking responsibility of her in your absence. It can be a relative, your child’s babysitter, her teacher at school or your neighbour. Make sure she is used to this person so she does not feel cranky or uncomfortable.

2. Do not have elaborate goodbyes as you leave your child behind. She will feel left out and this will make her miserable. Make sure you let your child know that you will be gone for a short while as she might search for you all around the house. Do not sneak out on your child. Keep it short and sweet.

3. Give your child a small task or a chore to finish by the time you get back. This can keep her distracted for the time that you are away as well as give her a sense of responsibility. This will help her feel confident as she thinks that you rely on her for the job to be done.

4. Let your child know when you will be back. This will help keep her worries to the minimum. Give her appropriate reasons as to why she cannot go along with you when you leave her behind. Comfort her by letting her know that you will be back soon.