Give Your Kid Problems To Solve Using Everyday Items

Give Your Kid Problems To Solve Using Everyday Items
Problem Solving
  • Your child at this stage is capable to handle small, basic problems in everyday life. Foster creative ways of using new and diverse items to facilitate problem-solving skills in your child. You can use things which he encounters on a daily basis, but which are not part of his play. For example, you can give him a lock and some different keys. Let him fit each key and find the correct one. Give him a jar with different-sized lids and let him find which one fits.
  • If he asks for help or gives up, offer some advice or tips, but curb the impulse to jump in and solve the problem for him. This will teach him that he can do things independently without having to always rely on someone else.
  • If your child gets frustrated or stuck, teach him how to deal with the situation by keeping calm, looking at the problem from another angle, and trying a new or different approach. This will teach him valuable lessons for dealing with real-life problems as he grows older.