Give Your Kid Time To Learn These Skills

Give Your Kid Time To Learn These Skills

You are a first and most important teacher for your child. You will help your little princess in learning new skills and ways of behaving. But moulding them into a good human being requires lots of efforts and patience. Here are some suggestions:

1. Don't enforce your rules: You have to be very calm with your little one. Never enforce your rules on your child. This will make her stubborn and she will lost all interest in carrying out that activity.

2. Give her space: You should give her time to absorb, understand and learn things. Empathise with her.

3. Give instructions: This is something new for her so instruct her and if necessary demonstrate the activity to her.

4. Offer her an helping hand: You have to be very supporting and caring all through the task. Explain it to her again and again if required. This will help her in getting better hold over the things.

5. Break into smaller activities: If you want your child to carry out the task exactly as you expect, so break it down into smaller tasks. Help her in understanding them step by step.

6. Motivation is necessary: Whenever your little one achieves a milestone don't forget to applaud or praise her. This will motivate her and encourage her to take up the future tasks independently.